For over 60 years, AMVETS has served our veterans and their families in Washington State.  Our history of giving back to our local communities is long and proud.  With 20 posts and 3,000 members in State, we gladly join with our 1,400 posts and 200,000 members nationally to fulfill all the purposes of incorporation granted to us by Congress and set out in our National charter.

To learn more about just what those purposes are, please take a little time to review our web site in depth.  However, if time is lacking, here is a short summary as defined by the IRS:

What are IRC 501(c)(19) purposes?  IRC 501(c)(19) purposes are broad, but not unlimited. Appropriate purposes are:

  1. Promoting the social welfare of the community,
  2. Assisting needy and disabled veterans, widows, or orphans of deceased veterans,
  3. Providing entertainment, care and assistance to hospitalized Veterans or members of the Armed Forces of the United States,
  4. Perpetuating the memory of Veterans and comforting their survivors,
  5. Conducting programs for religious, charitable, scientific, literary, or educational purposes,
  6. Sponsoring or participating in patriotic activities,
  7. Providing insurance benefits to members or membersÂ’ dependents, and
  8. Providing social and recreational activities for members